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Gas Engine Photos from the 2004 Show

Associated Manufacturers, of Waterloo, IA gave this engine the name “Chore Boy” and rated it at 1 ¾ hp. It is owned by Alonzo & Fran Riddle, of Portage, WI.

John Drumm, of Manitowoc, WI, owns this 2 ¼ hp Associated, called the “Hired Man” by its builders.

Paul and Paula Davis, of Ridgeway, WI, own this nice original 3 hp Amanco, built in Waterloo, IA by Associated Manufacturers in 1918. Throttle governed Associated built engines are much scarcer than their hit and miss counterparts.

Jon Clausen, of Hartland, WI, owns this 2 ½ hp engine built in Milwaukee by Christensen Engineering Co., and sold under the trade name “Atlas”. Christensen engines were built until about 1917.

 Kevin and Roger Haarklau own this 1920 Baker Monitor, built in Evansville, WI, rated at 3 hp and earning its keep running an International Harvester burr mill also owned by Kevin & Roger.

This 5 hp Baker Monitor type HJ was built in Evansville, WI by Baker Manufacturing and is owned by Don Blausey, of Baraboo, WI.

This 8 hp Baker Monitor engine was built in Evansville, WI, by Baker Manufacturing and belongs to Pete Holzman, of Poynette, WI.

Gene Buelow, of Rock Springs, WI, owns this Cushman Model X, built in Lincoln, Nebraska in the early to mid 1920’s.

Norm & Dwayne Long, of Rockford, IL, own this 3 hp Badger engine, built in Milwaukee, WI by Christensen Engineering Co.

Arnie Fero, of New Kensington, PA is shown here with his Crossley model 1070, built in Manchester, England in 1922. The engine was shipped on September 15th, 1922 to the Inchgower Scotch Whisky Distillery at Buckie, Aberdeen, Scotland. Arnie acquired the engine through his friends Jim & Helen French, of Leicester, England. It is rated at 7 horsepower and features two separate sideshafts, one to operate the magneto and governor and the other one to operate the inlet and exhaust valve rockers.

The Cushman Motor Works, of Lincoln, NE, built this twin cylinder 8 hp engine, running at 800 rpm and weighing a mere 325 pounds. Pete Patek, of Two Rivers, WI, owns the example shown here.

Nate Stoll, of Waunakee, WI, owns this 1 ½ horsepower John Deere model E, built in 1929.


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