February 4, 2015


Hello Badger Steam and Gas Engine Show Exhibitors/Campers,


We are beginning preparations for camping preregistration so thought it best to get a form with the right dates on the website.  The camping dates this year are August 19 to 24 with camping opening at noon on Wednesday.  The pre-registration form for camping at the 2015 show is here on the web site for your convenience.  The camping fee for the 2015 show has been raised to $20.00, whether you stay for just one night or from noon on August 19 until noon on August 24.


Plans are in the works to again contract with a company from Iowa to provide a semi-trailer of showers, complete with shampoo and soap.  You will need to bring only your own towel and wash cloth. 


As always, the camping is STRICTLY for exhibitors and show workers.


If you camped on the show grounds last year, pre-registration allows you to request the same site that you had in 2014.  It is very important that you pre-register. 

            As always, some site modifications for this year will be possible. We will continue to do our best to accommodate the requests we receive.

If you are open to a new site this year, please indicate that on your form.


Please return your pre-registration form along with your $20.00 to us

BEFORE August 6, 2015.


Because of new requests each year, we will only hold last year’s sites for you if you return your form and fee before the deadline. 


When sending a check, please make it payable to:

Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club.


If you have questions, please feel free to email us at grace@hill-dale.com.

Or to contact us at home, call: (608)356-9221 or (608)393-1255 (cell phone).


There continues to be a PERMANENT BAN on campfires on the show grounds, except as part of an exhibit.  You will still be able to use charcoal grills and propane/gas stoves to cook at your campsite.


We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Carl and Grace Schellenberger

Camping Coordinators

Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club