The Eldred (Art) Hug Sawmill

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The mill was purchased used in 1941 in Edon, Ohio for a cost of $750 which included the building that it was in. Art tore the building down and reused much of it in the building that I removed the mill from.  Art is currently 93 years old and had run the mill daily untill he was 78. That is when his son-in-law  and grandson took over operations. They sawed weekly to produce lumber for the shipping box business that they owned.  Art's son-in-law and grand son  operated the mill until december of 2008.
Log carriage
Slab Saw
Lumber Truck
Mid 1900's Database Management System
Debarker made to clean a path for the blade of mud, stones, etc
Log loading platform

Hauling the Mill Parts to Baraboo, WI

It took two trips of over 900 miles round trip to relocate to equipment.

Setting the mill site

Setting the husk
Instructions:  Attach part A to part B with bolt C in hole D

Reality:  There is NO hole D, but we do have a drill...

The New Sawmill Building