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Safety Rules & Show Regulations

Beginning 2010
 All Vehicles other than scooters and powered wheelchairs used by disabled persons will
Certificate of Insurance.

The Board of Directors and Safety Committee reserve the right to enact additional safety rules as needed and without notice. They reserve the right to order any exhibit shut down if they deem it to be unsafe or otherwise inappropriate and to order any equipment or persons to be removed from the grounds for any reason. Your presence on the property of the Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club signifies your acceptance of these and the following terms and conditions.


1.      All members, exhibitors or participants have an obligation to advise any other exhibitor of any condition considered to be unsafe. In the event that the situation is not corrected, please contact a member of the Board of Directors or the Safety Committee immediately.


2.      The consumption of alcoholic beverages during show hours or while operating any equipment is strictly prohibited.


3.      Cars, trucks and empty trailers are not to be parked in the display areas during show hours.


4.      Camping onsite is limited to exhibitors only. All campers must register and pay the $20.00 fee. RV’s are not allowed in display areas. Tents and associated camping gear used in display areas must be taken down, and remain out of sight, prior to the start of the show each day. Tent camping is not exempt from the $20.00 fee.


5.      Open campfires on the ground are not permitted. Fires in BBQ grills and similar fixtures are allowed for cooking only.

6.      If you choose to bring your pet with you to the show, it must be on a leash at all times and you must clean up after it.


7.      Golf carts, and all other vehicles (Gators, Lawn Tractors, Homemade tractors, etc.) must register in the office and receive a permit ( with proof of insurance) to operate during show hours. Permits are issued only to those who are disabled and to those who are on official club business. Permits must be displayed on the vehicle in plain view. The permit is issued to a person or an organization and the recipient of the permit will be held accountable for the actions of the vehicle carrying it. Such vehicles are to be driven slowly and carefully, at no time exceeding a speed of 5 miles per hour.  “Joy riding” is prohibited.


8.      Bicycles are prohibited in the show areas during show hours.


9.      All engines, tractors and driven machinery must be in safe working condition. Special attention should be given to items such as flywheel keys, fuel lines and connections, fuel tanks, and lock wires.


10.     Engines must not be operated at speeds above what they were built for.


11.     Tractors and other vehicles will not carry more passengers than they were designed for. Steam and Prairie type tractors need 2, not to exceed 3 spotters and driver.  Riding on fenders is prohibited. Tractor operators must possess a valid drivers license and those under the age of 18 must possess a certificate of completion from a Tractor Safety Course, presentable upon demand. A speed limit of 5 miles per hour is in effect at all times.


12.     Use your good judgment in operating machinery of any kind, always be on the lookout for spectators and other exhibitors, they may not see you. Move slowly, cautiously and be prepared to stop at any time.


13.     Tractors must not be left in gear idling with the clutch disengaged.


14.     No equipment may be left running unattended, engines and tractors doing belt work must have a qualified operator with them at all times.


15.     All operating equipment must be roped off from spectators, including drive belts, chains and rotating shafts.


16.     Do not refuel engines or tractors while running or while hot.


17.     All exhibitors are urged to have a fire extinguisher with their display and know how to use it.


18.     Exhaust must be muffled whenever possible and pointed away from spectators.


19.     Leave ample room between running engines to allow you to move around them safely.


20.     Keep hands and clothing clear of moving parts. Avoid loose clothing around running machinery. If you need to make an adjustment, shut it down to do it.


21.     All steam engines must be in compliance with Wisconsin rules and have a current Wisconsin Inspection. Safety valves, gauge glasses, try cocks and fusible plugs must be in good working order. No one may fire a boiler without checking the true water level in the boiler, insuring that the try cocks are functional and that the gauge glass shut off cocks are open.