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bookstore.jpg (41010 bytes)
A view of the interior of the club Book Store, where you can get decals, manuals and books as well as Badger Steam and Gas memorabilia.

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John Raemisch is shown here unloading the 1884 M. Rumely steam traction engine that is owned by John and Jack Raemisch, of Dane Wisconsin.

99cd16a.jpg (49236 bytes) 99cah27a.jpg (45811 bytes)
Marvin Rustad's sawmill and this 22-75 Advance Rumely traction engine, owned by John and Jack Raemisch of Dane, WI, make a good combination. Any time a traction engine is working on the belt, a crowd is sure to be found.

99c13a.jpg (57428 bytes)
Here is another view of Marvin Rustad's saw mill, this time powered by a 1929 IHC model 22-36, restored by Don Paskey and operated by Don's son-in-law, Larry Nolan.

99ch30.jpg (56749 bytes)
Each Saturday and Sunday afternoon of our show a parade is held, giving people the chance to see and hear old and unusual machinery in action. Leo Weibel and Sharon Hill, of Madison, WI, own this unique vehicle built in Wisconsin Dells by the now defunct Sandley Light Railway and Equipment Works. Riding with Leo is Robert Hasheider, of Sauk City, WI.

99cb2a.jpg (45759 bytes)
Many antique farm machinery shows began as Thresherees, where folks would gather to thresh grain like they did in the "good old days". Threshing was labor intensive work and farmers often helped their neighbors in exchange for receiving help when it was their turn to thresh. This lead to the entire process becoming not only an economic necessity, but a major social event. We hope you will take time to stop and check out our threshing crews in action.

99cc24a.jpg (47837 bytes)
James Johnson, of Dane, WI, was the former user of this beautifully preserved threshing machine built for International Harvester Co. by the Buffalo-Pitts Co. That is George Hoffman up on the bundle wagon. Mark Manke is standing atop the feeder, Donald and Fred Manke are "helping" Mark, and Neil Manke is giving information to Sharon Hill. The Manke Crew put on a good display and learned how to thresh by watching home movies of their Great Grandfather running a 1915 Advance Rumely thresher.

99cc20a.jpg (49429 bytes)
Supplying the power for the Manke Crew is Jim McManus, of Friendship, WI, shown here with his 1917 60 hp Case steam traction engine. This engine was owned by Jim's grandfather, Earl Anderson, for a number of years and Jim is happy to have it now.

98c33a.jpg (49592 bytes) 99cae1a.jpg (71852 bytes)
Bill Smith, of Baraboo, WI, is shown here with his Keystone steam powered well drilling machine. Built in 1903 by the Keystone Driller Co., of Beaver Fall, PA., this machine is the result of many years of restoration work.

99cg35a.jpg (62261 bytes)
Running this planer, owned by the club, is Vearl Anacker of Portage, WI, a long time member.

01C6.jpg (43293 bytes)
Harold Gersvig, of Tomah, WI, with his 20-40 Rumely Oil Pull, model G. An Oil Pull is always a favorite at any show, with a unique appearance and a sound that is unlike any other.

01H4.jpg (49276 bytes)
Russ Schmitt, of Gilman, WI, is ready to put his 1947 Haas model D to work pulling the people mover.

01n3a.jpg (57767 bytes)
A very unique Studebaker dump bottom wagon on parade.

01r13a.jpg (52845 bytes)
Blizzard silo filler built by Joseph Dick Co., of Canton, Ohio. Owned by Duane Nobbs and Dick Kruse of Loganville, WI.

01r19a.jpg (69404 bytes) 98ca23a.jpg (49985 bytes) 
Nobbs and Kruse display, all driven by one Fairbanks engine.

01s2a.jpg (61018 bytes)
John Deere D 1927 with Johnny Popper Del Endres Roxbury, WI.

01t8a.jpg (61499 bytes)
Tom Millerís pump collection.

ayerswindmill.jpg (48011 bytes)
Vilas Eyers has set up this windmill on a short tower so that you can see the way that wind was used to pump water in the days before most folks had electricity.

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