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Gas Engines

98cf31.jpg (64411 bytes)
Mark Beard is the owner of this Aeromotor 8 cycle pumping engine, built in Chicago, IL.

99cb28.jpg (66241 bytes)
Associated engines owned by Bill Smith, of Lancaster, WI. Shown, from left to right, are 4hp, 1½ hp, 1¾ hp air cooled and 2¼ hp models.

98cf25.jpg (54533 bytes)
Mike Schlender pauses here for a photo with his 2 hp Baker Monitor, built in 1912 by Baker Manufacturing of Evansville, WI.

02b13.jpg (56461 bytes)
Joe Haarvei, of McChesny Park, IL, owns this nicely restored 2 hp Monitor, built by Baker Manufacturing of Evansville, WI, in 1910.

98ck16.jpg (60069 bytes)
Kevin and Roger Haarklau own this 1920 Baker Monitor, built in Evansville, WI, and rated at 3 hp.

02b19.jpg (60445 bytes)
Steve Oswald, of Wauzeka, WI, owns this unique 2 ½ hp Bamford engine, built in England.

99cm23.jpg (56907 bytes)
Don Vadnais, of Waukesha, WI, is shown with a 1907 Bulls Eye side shaft engine, built by Jacobson and sold by Montgomery Ward Co. This engine had been previously used in a Chicago hotel to pump water to the upper floors.

02c16.jpg (53139 bytes)
Bill Williams, of Cassville, WI, owns this sharp looking 2 hp Bullseye engine, built by Jacobson and sold by Montgomery Ward.

99cv2.jpg (45311 bytes)
Joe Prindle, of Wisconsin Rapids, is shown here with his 3 hp CH&E engine, built in Milwaukee and used to run a table saw.

02b12.jpg (56502 bytes)
Jim Nass, of Batavia, Il, owns this fine looking Challenge 8hp engine, built in Batavia and equipped with a Wizard low tension magneto.

99cad32a.jpg (71530 bytes)
Dennis Young’s Christensen is a model FF, generating 6 hp at 350 rpm. It was built in Milwaukee, WI, by Christensen Engineering Co.

02c6.jpg (57708 bytes)
Paul Davis, of Ridgeway, WI, is shown here with his 5hp Davis Junior, built by the Cascaden Mfg. Co., of Waterloo, IA.

artsdavis.jpg (56714 bytes)
Arthur Wegner, of Wisconsin Dells, is the owner of this twin cylinder Davis Engine, built in Milwaukee, WI, and restored by Donald Blausey, of Baraboo, WI. The Davis is a twin cylinder opposed, screen cooled engine and is an impressive machine to watch run. Davis built a very similar engine that was used in the 8-16 Avery tractor.

99cx16.jpg (57659 bytes)
This unique rig consists of a 3 hp John Deere type E engine powering a cement mixer, table saw and water pump. The chassis is made from Chevrolet parts. It was built in the late 1920’s by a mason named George Felix and is now owned by Wally and Norma Clavadatscher, of Sauk City.

99cb11a.jpg (54975 bytes)
Ellis Voss, of Ames, IA, is shown here with his 6 hp John Deere type E gas engine, built in 1928.

99cg3.jpg (44900 bytes)
This Deming pump is owned by Gene Buelow, of Rock Springs, WI.

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