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Steam Engines

99cn16a.jpg (52482 bytes)
Robert Hasheider is all set to take the Sandley Steam Wagon out for a spin. The machine was built in Wisconsin Dells, WI, in 1972 by the Sandley Light Railway and Equipment Works. It is rated at 7 hp and is owned by Leo Weibel and Sharon Hill, of Madison, WI.

99cah34a.jpg (54719 bytes)
This Port Huron steam traction engine was built about 1907 in the Michigan city of the same name. It has a high pressure compound cylinder engine and puts out 19 drawbar horsepower and 65 belt horsepower. Seen here on the parade route, it is owned by Emmet Schulz, of Stoughton, WI.

98caa10.jpg (39861 bytes)
Built in LaPorte, Indianna in 1918, this Advance Rumely steam traction engine is rated at 22 drawbar and 75 belt horsepower. It is owned by Jack and John Raemisch, of Dane, WI.

98caa8.jpg (42249 bytes)
Even though it was built in 1884, this steam traction engine is still in tip top shape. Built in LaPorte, Indianna by the Meinrad Rumely Co., it is rated at 12 hp. and carefully preserved by it's owners, John and Jack Raemisch, of Dane, WI.

roller.jpg (55885 bytes)
Paul Young, of Baraboo, WI, owns this nice Kelly Springfield tandem steam roller, built in 1913. Steam rollers are uncommon in any form and we are fortunate to have this one at our show.

98ca21a.jpg (41507 bytes) boiler.jpg (49738 bytes)
Here is a peek inside the boilerhouse. The 109 horsepower Kewanee boiler that supplies steam to the stationary steam engines was donated by Lynn Grotophorst, a charter member of our club. In the second photo, David Fuller can be seen firing the boiler.

98cd6.jpg (50147 bytes) 98cd7.jpg (53790 bytes)
Two views of the Hamilton Corliss steam engine owned by the club. The engine, donated by the late Jim Hill, was built about 1885 and supplied power to the Reebs Malt plant in Port Washington, WI. Hamilton engines were built by Hooven, Owens & Rentschler, in Hamilton, Ohio. The engine has a ten foot diameter, two piece flywheel, the cylinder is 12 inches in diameter and the stroke is 3 feet. It develops 85 horsepower at 85 rpm.

98cd4.jpg (56452 bytes) 98cd5.jpg (51626 bytes)
Paul Young owns this engine and did an extensive restoration on it in the mid 70's. Although we do not know the name of the manufacturer, we believe it was built in about the 1860's. The flywheel is 9 feet in diameter and has 8 curved spokes. The cylinder has a 12 inch bore and a 30 inch stroke. It was last used to power a sawmill near Antigo, WI.

paulsvilter.jpg (45513 bytes) vilter.jpg (44502 bytes)
Paul Young also owns and restored this Vilter engine, built in Milwaukee. The engine was installed new in a lumber company in Sauk City about the time that the hydroelectric plant was built in that town, the engine was used very little and shows little wear because of it.

98cd11.jpg (45922 bytes)
A bit of local history can be seen here in the form of a set of doors from the boilers of the Effinger Brewery, of Baraboo, WI.

98cam24a.jpg (67575 bytes)
Vearl Anacker, of Portage, WI, owns this steam engine built in Iowa by the Cherry Co., it was originally used to drive machinery in a creamery. It can usually be seen at our show belted to the club's planer, as seen here.

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