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Advance - Rumely through Clarkair

rumelysa.jpg (47402 bytes)
Rumely Oil Pulls are a favorite at any show, including this model H and model E.

paulsrumely.jpg (46385 bytes)
Paul Grotophorst's model F features a one cylinder engine and ignitor ignition.

fonbandmill.jpg (72932 bytes)
Bryan Thomas, of Hartford, WI, checking out Paul's Rumely driving the Konkle Band Mill.

hubbardrumely.jpg (43570 bytes)
Dave and Dennis Hubbard, of Norwalk, WI, own this Rumely 25-40.

allisthreewheeler.jpg (77672 bytes)
Norm Meinert owns this Allis Chalmers 10-18, built in 1914.

ralphsallis.jpg (72879 bytes)
Ralph Blum, of Baraboo, WI, brought this 20-35 to our 1998 show.

rungallisu.jpg (85333 bytes)
Wilbert Rung, of North Freedom, WI, owns this Allis Chalmers model U, built in 1931.

allisuc.jpg (57965 bytes)
Allis Chalmers built this model UC in 1940 and it is owned by Ralph Blum's sons, of Baraboo, WI.

allisBdiesel.jpg (65868 bytes)
This Allis Chalmers model B features a diesel engine.

donsallis.jpg (88886 bytes)
Don Blausey's Allis Chalmers B is ready to go to work with it's mounted mower.

allisMcrawler.jpg (53247 bytes)
Allis Chalmers built this model M crawler tractor.

nelsonswd.jpg (62605 bytes)
Clarence Nelson, of Wisconsin Dells, owns this Allis Chalmers model WD, built in 1951.

letitsnow.jpg (41312 bytes)
Ralph Blum, of Baraboo, WI, has been sighted plowing snow at the show grounds with this diesel crawler, built (of course) by Allis Chalmers.

art1.jpg (56200 bytes)
Art Wegner, of Wisconsin Dells, WI, with his Avery Tractor.

lcase.jpg (60906 bytes)
This model L Case, built in 1937 demonstrates the rugged construction that was synonymous with the Case name.

scase.jpg (65875 bytes)
Ron and Mark Rott, of Spring Green, WI, own this fine looking Case S, built in 1948.

vaccase.jpg (67159 bytes)
Gene Nielsen, of Roxbury, WI, owns this Case model VAC, built in 1949.

raspillarscase.jpg (57581 bytes)
Don Raspillar brought this Case model SC to the show from Lyndon Station, WI.

paskeyscat.jpg (73256 bytes)
This Caterpillar Model R2 was built in 1936 and belongs to Don Paskey, of Lodi, WI.

clarkcrawler.jpg (59012 bytes)
This Clarkair Crawler was built for the Army Corps of Engineers to be parachuted in to remote areas.

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