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JoasAO.jpg (55970 bytes)
Joe and Marilyn Joas, from Kiel, WI, own this John Deere model AO, built for orchard work in 1947.

styledA.jpg (60068 bytes)
This styled John Deere A was one of many at our 1999 show.

scwartzelB.jpg (66255 bytes)
This unstyled 1935 John Deere B was brought in by Wilbur Scwartzel, from Sparta, WI.

juniorandB.jpg (57015 bytes)
Junior Priesgen, of Rubicon, WI, with his 1950 styled John Deere B. Junior is a member of the "RATS" (Restored Antique TractorS), a group of tractor enthusiast who drive their tractors some 80 miles to our show and travel long distances to various shows and parades.

jphnnypopper.jpg (68053 bytes)
Dell Endres, of Sauk City, WI, owns this 1927 unstyled John Deere model D and unique popcorn popper, always a very popular display!

heltD.jpg (63140 bytes)
Chad Helt brought this 1937 unstyled John Deere D to our show from Middleton, WI.

treinengp.jpg (58308 bytes)
The Treinen family, of Lodi, WI, are the owners of this John Deere model GP tractor, built in 1928 and the plows shown with it.

gmfirstday.jpg (47754 bytes)
This John Deere model GM, serial number 13024, is considered first day of production. Built February 25, 1942 and was shipped to Spring Valley, MN., on February 27, 1942. It was found ten miles from there in a salvage yard and subsequently restored. These particular tractors went from an unstyled "G" to a styled "G" during WWII, in December of 1941. Because of the cost of development, tooling and manufacturing, a modest price increase was not possible due to government regulations. So, the model "G" became the "G- Modernized", or the "GM", with the designation only on the seat post. The GM began with serial number 13000 on the plates. The GM was built from February 1942until March, 1947, with the last serial number GM 22112. In March of 1947, the model GM was dropped and it went back to a straight G. Information furnished by owner Wilbur Schwartzel, of Sparta, WI.

strubelgp.jpg (71288 bytes)
Ed Strubel, of Reedsburg, WI, owns this John Deere model GP, built in 1929.

gerstnerh.jpg (61757 bytes)
This 1944 John Deere model H was brought to our show by Randy Gerstner, of Watertown, WI.

pendeltonL.jpg (67652 bytes)
John Deere built this model L in 1939 and sales were primarily made to small farms and truck farms. Steve Pendelton, of Boscobel, WI, owns this one.

deerem.jpg (56806 bytes)
This John Deere model M tractor was built in 1947, in Moline, Illinois.

mttractor.jpg (54982 bytes)
The John Deere model MT was a tricycle version of the M. This one was built in 1950 and is owned by Randy Gerstner, of Watertown, WI.

mctractor.jpg (65394 bytes)
This John Deere model MC was a crawler version of the model M. This one was built in 1952 and is owned by Randy Gerstner, of Watertown, WI.

heltr.jpg (67995 bytes)
Chad Helt, of Middleton, WI, owns this John Deere model R, largest of the letter series, these impressive tractors were diesel powered and to hear one working under a load is indeed impressive.

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