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Graham Bradley through International Harvester

 01d15.jpg (56186 bytes)
This streamlined beauty is a 1938 Graham Bradley, owned by Art, Joe & Jim Woodward, of Rio, WI. It still has the original tires.

 01G12A.jpg (58706 bytes)
This Haas model B is owned by Ellsworth Olson, of Viroqua, WI.

01G9.jpg (48284 bytes)
Gary and Matt Moseman, of Sauk City, WI, restored this Hass model D tractor, built in Racine, WI, by Metal Parts Corporation.

clubshuber.jpg (45895 bytes)
Larry and Brian Richards, of Reeseville, WI, pause to pose with the Huber tractor donated to the club by Elmer Hehenberger.

99cab23a.jpg (57664 bytes)
This tractor is the oldest known survivor of the 26 prototype Farmalls hand built in Chicago in 1923, it was given serial number QC-293. This tractor was found in Pittsville, WI in 1991 and was almost scrapped. A friend of the current owner, Neal Stone, went to an auction and found the tractor sitting in the woods. It was not listed on the auction bill and was slated to be hauled out for scrap following the sale. Although it is painted, it is not yet restored. Neal Stone, of Wisconsin Dells would appreciate any help you can give him finding the parts needed to restore this rare tractor.

99cag10a.jpg (53738 bytes) 
erb Miller, of Madison, WI, owns this McCormick Deering model10-20, built in 1928. Like many tractors of the era, it was meant to be started on gasoline and switched to cheaper lower grade fuels once it warmed

99cag13a.jpg (51233 bytes) 
Herb Miller, of Madison, WI, also owns this McCormick Deering model 15-30, a slightly larger and more powerful model than the 10-20. It was built in 1928 and is a nice unrestored tractor.

99cad1a.jpg (54248 bytes)
Don Paskey, from Lodi, WI restored this 1929 McCormick Deering model 22-36.

99cad8.jpg (62503 bytes)
Rounding out the top of the line in 1935 was this McCormick Deering model WD-40, featuring a unique diesel engine that starts with sparkplugs and gasoline and switches to diesel operation once warmed up. Owned by Ray and Anita Casper, of Marshall, WI.

99af25a.jpg (50559 bytes)
Wayne Kassube, Jr., owns this nice 1936 F-12 and is ready to go to work with it and its two bottom plow.

99ae18a.jpg (65517 bytes)
A little closer view of an F-12 engine can be seen here in this 1934 F-12, owned by Dick and Dave Krueger, of Baraboo, WI.

99cag2a.jpg (61307 bytes)
Mark Hellenbrand, of Waunakee, WI, owns this Farmall F-12, built in 1935.

99cac6.jpg (70781 bytes)
Herb Miller, of Madison, WI, is justifiably proud of this 1936 McCormick Deering model W-12, rated at only 12 hp, it was the smallest tractor in the line at the time.

99cag3a.jpg (50355 bytes) 99cag5a.jpg (68950 bytes)
Herb Miller's 1938 F-14 is ready to go knock down some hay with this nice mounted mower.

99cad21.jpg (58681 bytes)
Charles and Sandy Rott, from Lone Rock, WI, stop to pose with their International Harvester model I-14, built in 1939. Only 900 of these tractors were ever produced, this one was originally used by the village of Oconto, WI, to run a street sweeper.

99cae19a.jpg (61406 bytes)
Dick and Dave Krueger's 1936 F-20 is a little different from most in that it is the Narrow Tread variant. Dick and Dave are from Baraboo, WI.

99ae13a.jpg (61556 bytes)
Rubber tires were still a bit of a novelty on tractors in 1936 when Dick and Dave Krueger's F-20 was built. This one is equipped with F&H round spoke wheels, making it desirable with many of today's collectors.

99cae15a.jpg (58841 bytes)
Dick and Dave Krueger are also the proud owners of this nicely restored F-30, built in 1936 and also sporting F&H round spoke wheels.

99cac14a.jpg (62124 bytes)
Wayne Withers, of Newark, IL, owns this nicely restored 1939 model H. Styled tractors on steel wheels always attract attention at shows.

99caf14a.jpg (47528 bytes)
Clarence Nelson Farms, of Wisconsin Dells, WI, owns this 1946 Farmall model H, equipped with an International loader.

99caf9a.jpg (50796 bytes) 
Mike and Les Stephens, of Argyle, WI, own this nice Farmall model H, built in 1950 and set up to use liquid propane as fuel.

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