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International Harvester

99cae7a.jpg (61291 bytes)
Don Paskey, of Lodi, WI, owns this rare McCormick model OS4, built in 1946 and tailored for orchard work.

99caf24a.jpg (55529 bytes)
Wayne Kittleson, of Deerfield, WI, owns this bright yellow International model I-4, built in 1942 and rated at 32 horsepower.

99caf12a.jpg (53734 bytes)
Ray and Anita Casper, from Marshall, WI, own this fine McCormick model W-4, built in 1951.

99cab20a.jpg (57054 bytes)
Sandy Rott, of Lone Rock, WI, owns this McCormick Super W-4, built in 1954.

99cac15a.jpg (67551 bytes)
Jim Gutenberger, of Colby, WI, built this beautiful model of an International model W-9, complete with threshing machine.

99cag35a.jpg (56322 bytes) 
Don Paskey, of Lodi, WI, owns this fine Super A-I, built in 1954.

99cz15.jpg (54602 bytes)
Neil and Mark Manke, of Lodi, WI are shown with their great grandfather's model C, built in 1950.

99caa2a.jpg (45956 bytes)
Mike Ryan, of Lodi, WI, says that this 1953 Farmall Super MV is his favorite of the thirty tractors in his collection.

99cab9a.jpg (56816 bytes)
Norm Ripp, of Dane, WI, owns this nice Farmall model 350 Diesel, built in 1957.

99cab12a.jpg (56110 bytes)
Roger Ripp is the owner of this beautiful 1957 Farmall model 450, set up to burn liquid propane as fuel.

99cag9a.jpg (46141 bytes)
Neal Stone's International model 600 Diesel was built in 1956 and puts out 67 horsepower.

99cab4a.jpg (49187 bytes)
Kenneth Updike, of Evansville, WI, owns this Farmall model 806, built in 1963. This tractor was the very first 806 built, bearing serial number 501.

99caf32a.jpg (49765 bytes)
Duane Rich, of Reedsburg, WI, owns this model 806 Diesel, built in 1967.

99caf16a.jpg (63128 bytes)
This little 1957 Farmall Cub is rated at just ten horsepower, but can do some serious work when equipped with the 1000 series single arm loader. Owned and restored by Rolland and Kathy Schutz, of Deerfield, WI.

99cad12.jpg (66368 bytes)
William J. Reedy, of Brandon, IA, owns this T-35 Diesel TracTracTor.

99cad15.jpg (58736 bytes)
Tom Nelson, of Stoughton, WI, owns this 1958 TD-18, rated at 100 horsepower.

99cad16.jpg (56154 bytes)
Eugene Geibel, of Baraboo, WI, is shown on the seat of his 1959 model TD-24. This crawler has a 14 foot blade and was originally used in Iowa County, WI.

99cad0a.jpg (71079 bytes)
This unusual aircraft tow tractor was built by International Harvester during World War II. It is owned by Bob Anderson, of Verona, WI.

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